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Early faltering May 19, 2008

Posted by thejinx in art, writing.
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So, I’m a little late for last week’s finished picture of the week, but here’s some new art:

One of a series of small portraits I sketched out a couple months ago for various reasons, this image of/inspired by Helen Trevillion, whose music I can’t recommend enough.  It was the first of the portraits I drew, though another one was already finished a little while ago.  Coloured in about three hours yesterday morning.

So there’s the picture for last week.  We’ll just forget about the week before.  In reality, it was an incredibly busy week for us, with all of about half an evening free to ourselves, and it didn’t help that I spent a while working on a picture I eventually decided I will not finish after all.

Eyes of a Dragon is up to about 17,000 words.  Not going too quickly just yet, but I did get a bit of writing done Friday after spending most of my free time at work this week reading ebooks.  Incidentally, if you haven’t checked out the new website of Tor books, they’re giving out free fantasy/scifi/horror ebooks every week.  All you have to give them is an e-mail address and they’ll send you a new book every Friday, real published books like you see in a bookstore.

Hope you enjoy and hopefully will see you again sometime this week with more new art.



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