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New toy June 13, 2008

Posted by thejinx in photography.
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Sorry, the week’s been busier than usual, and I still don’t have new art to show, though I did finally start colouring a picture I drew last weekend with refreshingly low expectations. However, I do have some new goodies. Last night, I did something I’ve been considering doing for years. I bought a new camera. I’m still learning a lot of the functions and how to adjust settings properly and such, but I have had an immensely fun time taking pictures in the past day.

NOTE: Due to the page theme, the images below are cut off on the right side. Right-click the image and select “Show picture” or “View picture” to see the full-size photo.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken last night and today. This first one was an experiment with aperture settings. Still trying to figure out how to alter those effectively.

I must say, after seeing what this camera can do – especially considering the full-size images, which are more than 400% as large – I’m tempted to use DeviantArt’s print option, after all. Any of the above images make fantastic wallpaper – I used the last picture as my own at work. If you’d like a larger copy, let me know.

I put up a couple more examples of what this camera can do on my personal journal here. Got some big plans this weekend, including two different air shows, so hopefully I’ll have some more photos to show off next week. Enjoy these for now.



1. crash8088 - June 14, 2008

Very nice shots! I particularly liked the iris. Great depth of field in that shot. Well done.

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