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Slow and steady June 30, 2008

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Eyes of a Dragon is now up to 34,000 words and 55 pages.  I am not as far along in the story yet as I got the last time I tried to write it, but I have written more than I did the last time, and possibly ever since the first rambling incarnation of the story I first wrote some ten to fifteen years ago.  Today went really well as I was able to write over 2,000 words at work.  It was a slow day.

I also finally finished another book today.

Street Dreams, Faye Kellerman – A non-fantasy novel I picked up at a used book sale last year, this is the story of a Los Angeles cop who finds a baby abandoned in a Dumpster and her journey to unravel the sordid details of the baby’s origin.  Meanwhile, her stepmother is immersed in a quest to find the truth of her grandmother’s murder in pre-Nazi Munich.

I enjoyed this book.  The one thing that really struck me about it was that it had the same kind of back and forth banter as in Joss Whedon’s Firefly.  The pacing was good, the story was interesting and unfolded well, and there were some surprises.  I was a little surprised that the climax of the novel was as slow as it was, given that there were some well written action scenes through the book, but it worked in the context of the story.  All in all, it was a nice read.



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