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Heart of the wilds July 30, 2008

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Continuing the series of new photos from the weekend:

Alight Caution

Also, finished another book this week.

Orphans of Chaos, John Wright – Another received from the tor.com mailing list.  This is a difficult book to summarize, as little is revealed until a good halfway through the book.  It’s probably safe to say that this is a story about five unusual orphans who are rarely let out of the school/boarding house where they have been kept all their lives, and their struggles to find out more about who they are.

This was a hard book to get into, not least because so little was revealed until late in the story.  Nothing really seemed to happen in the first half of the story and I never really knew what the ultimate goal of the book was going to be.  Things seemed to happen for no reason and I had to take it on faith that everything I was reading was going somewhere.  I also found the numbered text breaks, which occurred in the midst of actions and dialogue as well as at a separation of time, a bit jarring, breaking up the flow of the story.

The extradimensional science was a bit over the top, and most of it went way over my head.  Maybe I could have understood it if I put more effort and research into it, but I didn’t want to study just to understand a book I was reading for fun.  The way it was written didn’t make me want to learn more; the abruptness and heaviness of the science simply frustrated and annoyed me.  I don’t know if the writer was being pretentious or simply didn’t know a better way to describe the concepts he was writing about, but I think comprehension of this book is way beyond the vast majority of readers.

At the same time, I found other parts of the book a bit juvenile.  Again, I can’t say for certain if the writing was juvenile or if it was an accurate depiction of juvenile characters – I prefer to give an author the benefit of the doubt – but the point is that I’m tired of teenage girl narrators.  The ending also did not compel me to pick up the next book.

In short, I don’t think I’d recommend this.



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