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Pocket change July 31, 2008

Posted by thejinx in life, writing.
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This wasn’t meant to talk about my personal life, just my art and writing. In this case, however, the one impacts the other. I’ve been offered a new, higher position at work. Unfortunately, I like having extra money a little too much, and that, in addition to other reasons primarily involving my feelings of inadequacy and the fact that it is a permanent position, is why I’ve decided to take it.

What this means, put simply, is that I’m going to have a lot less time to write. I’ve been doing pretty much all of my writing recently at work, because reception simply isn’t very busy and it’s among the most productive uses of my time, when I don’t have actual work to do. In this new position, however, I will certainly not have free time to write, and I will also not have the privacy to do so as I do now, which means that I will only be able to write outside of work, something I haven’t really done in recent months. I will have to work forty hours a week, and in the remaining time, I will have to juggle art, writing, time with friends/family, what meager semblance of a social life I have, and anything else that comes up.

Obviously, my productivity is going to suffer from this. Granted, given that I haven’t been posting Eyes of a Dragon online, it will mean little to you, the reader, but this comes at a regrettable time in regards to Eyes. I’m struggling a bit in the story at the moment, as this part of the story is not defined very well. I know where the story is going and I have numerous ideas for character development to occur along the way – which is most of what’s happening in the story at the moment – but trying to get specific scenes down is difficult. It’s also challenging trying to work a story in which I reveal the secrets I already know slowly, with enough clarity to understand what’s going on without giving away everything too early, and I’m struggling with that as well. Compounding this is the balance between character perspectives, one of which has a lot going on and the others which are more or less filler at this point.

I haven’t been writing much recently because of dealing with these issues. I’m trying to force myself to slog through some scenes at least, as I can always clean them up later, but it’s slow going. I really need to sit down and think out the following scenes, at least get ideas of where to start and where I’d like them to go, but I haven’t really had the time lately. Too many distractions that can take up my time instead of staring at a wall until I figure things out.

I’m still really pleased with my progress so far and I really want to make this work out. I don’t want to work on another story that might be easier to write at the moment, I want to finish Eyes. I’ll get through it, it just make take a little longer to write this section.

As for art, well… I can’t even figure myself out there.



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