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Boundless love August 16, 2008

Posted by thejinx in art, books.
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Finally finished some new art:

Done for a friend, who designed the dress.  You can commission her for a copy of it or see more of her clothing on her website.

And, since I was using this as a way of keeping track of the books I’ve been reading, I figure I should review the latest one.

Storm Front, Jim Butcher – Harry Dresden is a wizard offering his services for hire in downtown Chicago.  Business is slow, but things start getting crazy when he investigates a grisly double murder for the police department and gets hired to find a missing husband, and both cases open up a whole new world of trouble for him.

I remember seeing this book on Roc books’s website and being interested, so when an uncle offered to let us borrow it, I was happy to oblige, and was more than pleased with it.  It’s clever, witty, tense, exciting, and dramatic.  Harry is both believable and likable as a narrator, I loved the detail the author gave the world, and I laughed out loud more than a few times while reading this.  Some outlandish situations came about, as crazy as any sitcom, but far better written as it didn’t cross the line into absurd.  The danger coming in from all sides kept me wondering how Harry was going to get out of things and the pacing drew me along and made it very difficult to put the book down.  The narration was simply a pleasure to read and the story was engaging.

I wasn’t quite as impressed with the ending.  Right from the beginning, it’s set up that Harry is a pretty powerful wizard, but throughout the book, he doesn’t actually do a whole lot of magic, and this is especially true during the climax of the story.  The denouement was a little short and abrupt, as well, but neither of those really detracted from the book, it would simply have been that much stronger if Harry had done more during the climax and there was a little more detail of the resolution at the end.

Despite that, this was an excellent read and comes highly recommended.  I’m eager to read more of the Harry Dresden files.  I haven’t read a book that enjoyable in a while, and in my opinion, this is what books should be like.  Not as in genre or style, but it seems rare that a book really captivates me, when one would think that there should be more really good fiction.



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