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Response August 21, 2008

Posted by thejinx in aurius, writing.
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I got my first response yesterday from a publisher to which I submitted Aurius:

Form letter rejection.

I’m neither surprised nor disappointed by this fact. I was never expecting to be accepted on the first try. However, I am surprised that the response is from the second publisher I submitted to, whom I wasn’t expecting to hear from until December. I wonder, perhaps, if this is a good sign for the first publisher, from whom I was expecting a response within a week or so.

Things have been busy recently and Mario Kart Wii continues to be a very powerful distraction. I did, however, finally realize that Eyes of a Dragon wasn’t going to resolve itself while I sat around being distracted and at least began the next scene at work today. I’ll have a little bit of cleaning up to do later on, but for now, I just need to get it out.

Also, for anyone going to Fan Expo in Toronto this weekend, I don’t have a table or anything, but if you see someone at the Classic Battletech table – or wandering the dealer’s hall – wearing normal clothes with black cat ears, say hi and I’ll draw you something for free.



1. Brian - August 22, 2008

You play Classic Battletech? Are you on the CBT forums at all?

I didn’t see any Mecha in your portfolio link, ever done any?


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