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Vampire Killer August 29, 2008

Posted by thejinx in art, writing.
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I haven’t had a chance to work on it tonight, but I felt like leaving with a preview of new art to come:

I wasn’t kidding when I said I felt like doing more fanart.

Going for a little different style here.  It’s fun to draw big, ripped muscles.  Incidentally, if any of you know any comprehensive resources for human anatomy, feel free to share links.

And a special bonus tonight, since I’ve actually been writing something of late that I can freely share online, follow the cut for a teaser.


The mountains towered in the distance, a great hulking mass of jagged peaks cutting across the horizon.  The landscape was stark, snow drifting down from the northern mountains to litter the fields of shriveled, brown grass.  Footprints cut a trail across the frozen wasteland up to an overhanging ledge, each indentation over six feet long.  The two-story war machines stood like barren trees clinging to the cliff edge, blowing snow swirling around their bird-like feet and drifting through the chinks in their heavy iron plating.  The faces of the soldiers seated at the heads of the Magitek armour were lined, their gazes hard and faces weathered from the long journey.  They didn’t react as the biting wind stabbed at their faces and whipped their hair about.

“There’s the town,” stated Biggs, nodding westward.  Wedge followed his eyes to a cluster of lights huddling at the base of the mountains against the deepening dusk, the steady, pale yellow glow of electric lamps.

“Hard to believe an esper’s been found intact there after a thousand years,” Wedge remarked.

Biggs shook his head slowly.  “Do you really think it could still be alive?”

The lines on Wedge’s face deepened.  “Who knows?  It’s not like there are any surviving records from the War of the Magi.  We have no idea what an esper is going to be like.”

Biggs frowned as he glanced over his shoulder.  A third Magitek armour stood between them a few paces back.



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