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A few words on the words November 2, 2008

Posted by thejinx in halcyon, nanowrimo, writing.
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After reading a few blog posts from other NaNoWriMo participants, I hope that my desire – my insistence – on not just writing 50,000 words, but writing 50,000 good words does not make me sound elitist, otherwise full of myself, or that I simply fail to grasp the concept of NaNoWriMo.  I think it’s an excellent idea and having the goal, the deadline, really helps me to get the words out.

My reasoning for wanting to write a good novel in such a short time is simple: I have far too many novel ideas waiting for others to be completed to spend a month devoting my energy to 50,000 words of whatever.  I have other reasons, such as previous experience showing me that I cannot just start without knowing the story and being unable to carry it making it up as I go along, but this is the primary reason.  This is my excuse to just write something I’ve been wanting to write, to drop everything and bring a back-burner story to the forefront, and to allow my standards to slip, somewhat, so I can actually finish something that’s been long in progress.

Whatever makes one happy to write, by all means, go for it.  Personally, I’m out to write a good book.

That said, I managed to make it to 10,000 words today, which includes deletion of the 1,000-word section I was displeased with last night.  It’s going along pretty well so far, not quite as good as Aurius last year, but the story’s certainly much farther along.

There are two points of concern at this point.  First, the fact that work has slowed down so much that writing is about all I can do to stave off boredom meaning making 1,667 words or even 2,000 per day just doesn’t seem like a challenge to me, and the excitement of NaNoWriMo is somewhat diminished as a result.  That I can get to 10,000 words in the first weekend doesn’t help the frenzied attitude that pushes one through scenes so willfully.

The second concern was my first with the story, amplified after the second day of writing: I’m not convinced I have 50,000 words of material here.  I pretty much knew all along that Halcyon was going to be a shorter story than a lot of mine are, but after this second day of writing, I question whether its length will be sufficient.  There’s enough potential to draw more out of this story, but the way I was intending to write it may not be long enough for NaNoWriMo.

It may still end up being okay, I can’t be certain yet.  And I do kind of like the way things are happening much quicker in this story than in my other novels in progress.  But, at the same time, I’m not getting to know the characters too well this way.  I may end up wanting to expand it anyway for that reason.  For now, I don’t mind continuing to write it as it is.  At this rate, I may have a little bit of time later on to brainstorm out some scenes/material to add once I’ve gotten to the end.



1. a1979shakedown - November 3, 2008

So are you going to post the chapters as posts while you write it? I imagine more people would read a post per day rather than get the whole thing at the end of the month – at least I would.

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