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Another option? November 3, 2008

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I’m still getting a nagging feeling that I’m not really getting into Halcyon.  It’s being written, sure, and it’s not bad so far.  Some pacing issues I’ll have to deal with, possibly later this month, but when I actually stop to think about it, I’m content with it.  Still, I fleetingly entertained an idea to put it back on the back burner and write something else for NaNoWriMo, and had a look at the novel information I put up here recently.

At the moment, I only have two novels sitting at a word count of 0 on that page, Halcyon being one of them.  The other is Dreams to Tears, which, while fairly organized at this point, still needs some little development before I can begin writing it.  I’ve certainly done well winging it, as with my NaNoWriMo novel of last year, Aurius, but Dreams is a bit more complex and I want to be sure I get it right when I start writing it.  The untitled project I’ve only just begun and it has been laying dormant for a few months.  I think the fact that I’ve started it already disqualifies it for NaNoWriMo, but aside from that, it’s a good story for it.  Fairly simple, it’s also more action-based like Halcyon and likely shorter than my more complex/serious novels.  Still, if I can’t count it for NaNoWriMo, there’s not as much sense in writing it now.

However, I forgot when I made up that novel information that there is one other novel completely developed and ready to write which is not yet included in that section.

The sequel to Aurius.

The premise was silly, but I still liked it, and while I love how it came out and enjoyed exploring Jake’s emotional reactions to being sent into the world of his favourite video game, I never intended to do anything more with it.

But even as I was writing Aurius, I found myself wondering, what happens next?  The ending was fairly open.  That was the way it was always supposed to be, because it was far from the end of his story.  But I found I couldn’t just leave it there.  I needed to know how Jake coped with life after returning home.

The story built from there, taking off in directions I had entirely not predicted.  It’s an unconventional story, perhaps not publishable material.  Aurius genre-hopped a little as it was, but the sequel, tentatively titled After the Magic, would be even more out of place, as the intention was always that the magic end with AuriusAfter the Magic would have a background in fantasy, but the events of the book itself are entirely mainstream, general fiction.  It will also be a much slower book, an emotional story without any action scenes in it.

But it’s waiting to be written.

I’m not giving up on Halcyon yet.  I want to make it work, I want to write this story, even if it doesn’t end up being 50,000 words long.  But it is food for thought.



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