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Day four November 4, 2008

Posted by thejinx in halcyon, nanowrimo, writing.
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Despite an early evening dentist appointment and a highly entertaining episode of Rick Mercer not helping my word count tonight, today was a good day for my NaNoWriMo novel.  The length of this story continues to be an issue, but today, it’s not causing considerations of starting over, it’s only making it hard to believe that the month is only four days in, given how far along I am in the story.

It was an eventful day for the story and I ended up writing two days’ worth of words during down time at work – I wonder when I’ll get some actual work to do – primarily centering around the main characters jumping off a building.  I didn’t finish the chapter yet, but this chapter’s narrator passed out at the end, so it provided a good enough stopping point.

I seem to have made it something of a goal to document my progress daily here.



1. tripletvo - November 5, 2008

It sounds great that you’re progressing with your story so quickly. :] I love inspiration days like that, where the words just seem to flow so easily.

2. mapelba - November 5, 2008

Always good to see another writer/artist out here. Your drawings are beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Good luck with the novel!

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