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Day thirteen November 13, 2008

Posted by thejinx in halcyon, nanowrimo, writing.
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Another 2,000 words down.  Tonight, we have a possible team-up of protagonist and antagonist.  Character-wise, it might be a stretch, but I like the scene too much to give up on it just yet.  I’ll have to get some second opinions before I decide to keep it or not.  Fortunately, I did get agreement that the wildly non-linear storytelling I’ve been doing does seem to work best for Halcyon.  Though, I’ll certainly still have some cleaning up to do come editing.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a new guitar tab to share.  This time it’s “Melodies of Life” from Final Fantasy IX.



1. marianallen - November 14, 2008

Love your art, and your word count blows me away! I set myself a 2000 word-a-day goal, too, but I’m falling far behind. Thanks for visiting my blog–I’m so glad to have found yours!

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