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Day 30 – Success! and novel trades November 30, 2008

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No other words are necessary.  Congratulations to all who have made 50,000 words already, good luck to those running down to the wire to hit that magical number, and good effort from those who didn’t quite make it.

Now, for those who are interested, I would love to trade novels with other NaNoWriMo-ers, on one condition: No preambles.  We’ve all just gone through the same frantic writing spree.  We all know about and probably have rambling stories, grammatically incorrect sections, and inconsistent characters, and we all have changes and/or corrections we want to make to it.  You don’t need to tell other WriMo-ers, and I don’t want to hear it.  I’d love to read your story just as it is, warts and all.  Didn’t make it to 50,000 words?  Heck, I don’t care.  I love to read stories by aspiring writers.

If you’re interested in a novel trade, not for any particular purpose, just for fun, feel free to comment here or e-mail me your story.  I’d like to conclude my story before I send it out, which shouldn’t take much longer.  Depending how work and inspiration go tomorrow, I may finish it up then.

I look forward to reading some breakneck novels!



1. bloggingexperiments - November 30, 2008


Congrats on the NaNo WIN! It is an amazing accomplishment…be proud, be ecstatic, get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

2. megan - November 30, 2008

Congratulations on your win, and thank you so much for your kind words. I’d love to trade novels once I finish mine. Of course, I probably won’t be finished nearly as soon as you will, but feel free to send yours my way if you’d like someone to read it.

3. urbanneedles - November 30, 2008

Congratulations on finishing and winning NaNoWriMo! That is fantastic news. Thankyou as well for the encouraging words. Goodluck finishing!

4. lifeischange - November 30, 2008

Congratulations!!! And I also want to thank you for the encouraging words as well. 🙂

5. Claire - November 30, 2008

Ooh, I’d definitely be interested in trading novels! E-mailing you now.

6. irugnotmis - December 1, 2008

Congratulations!!! Good work!

7. mollycule - December 1, 2008

Thanks for the comment and congrats on reaching the gilded 50k too! Not sure I’m brave enough to exchange this year’s novel given the last-minute change of heart I had on it but stay tuned for draft no. 2!

8. mapelba - December 1, 2008

I know we barely know each other and all, but yes, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Seems like you might have a few lined up already, so when is a good time for you? Before or after Christmas?

Let me know. Oh, and congratulations!

9. ellisonbaypottery - December 1, 2008

Hey Jinx,
Congratulations!! and thanks for your kind words. I would love to read yours, and can send mine when the first draft is over. Yummy! Like Christmas, all these wonderful books to read.

10. dyricci - December 1, 2008

Hi Jinx!
(haha…as in hijinks: boisterous or rambunctious carryings-on; carefree antics or horseplay? did you plan that when you came up with your blogname?)

Thanks for the kind words on my site. I’ve been posting bits of my story on my blog as I go, and though I only got to 16,230 words, I’m going to finish this story if it kills me (no worries…I don’t think demise is actually probable, yet)! Anybody that wants to can come read them as is…they’re all tagged with nanowrimo08, but don’t have actual chapter/section titles yet. Once the story’s done, maybe we can figure something out…

Blessings from Seattle…

11. amuirin - December 1, 2008

Congratulations! You did it…

That’s very, very, very good. My effort needs finishing and organiz-

oops. preambling. It is tough not to do that, huh?

12. oh - December 1, 2008

wow…I cant’ imagine handing this “thing” i wrote over to anyone- why? I’ve never written so quickly in my life and while I know the story, I don’t know if I even got it on the paper. I don’t remember!

And I’m afraid to go back and look at it myself, not right now anyway.

But I’m marking this entry of yours and if I get up the courage, I just might take you up on your offer to read. And BTW, huge congrats to you on winning the badge and writing your book – is there any other feelings in the world to beat this one? …well, yeah, there are, but let’s just enjoy this nanowrimo win right now.

13. Quick Editing Update « Wingcolor - December 7, 2008

[…] throw this out there if anyone interested. This idea is one I’m stealing from Jinx, over at Brain Lag. In short, I’m offering to trade NaNovels with anyone who’s interested. The catch is […]

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