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One week later December 7, 2008

Posted by thejinx in art, halcyon, writing.
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Not quite so much to talk about since the end of NaNoWriMo.  I did conclude Halcyon on December 1st and, after a few-days hiatus, began editing it.  I’m currently stalled on a section that needs relatively significant reworking, but I’d really like to get Halcyon done before I get back to work on any other projects – namely, Eyes of a Dragon.

At home, however, I’ve been focusing more on art, as I haven’t done much of that at all in over a month.  I had begun sketching a sort of cover image for Halcyon, but it’s on the back burner at the moment, partly because it’s a bit overambitious by the sheer number of characters in the image and I’m a little intimidated by my own work – this was, incidentally, why it took until the last day of November to get to 50,000 words with Halcyon when I jumped out to a 10,000-word head start in the first weekend – and partly because I have an itch to finish some works in progress.

I went through my sketchbook recently and decided that there are six pictures in there that have to be finished.  There are other sketches I might like to finish, but these simply cannot remain incomplete.  That said, I broke out a sketch I began back in April and began inking it this weekend:


I was and still am immensely pleased with how this sketch came out, and surprisingly, I’m pretty satisfied with my inking so far, as well.  The different line weights of my inking pens aren’t always perfectly obvious, but I still like what they give the picture.  I am also pleased with the amount of detail I was able to put into this image.  I actually wanted to add some more detail, but the important, but missing part of this picture from the climax of Aurius would have been near the hand area and simply would have crowded things too much – and I fear I might have gotten confused with my own drawing that way.  I’m really looking forward to finishing this sketch and only hope I can do the drawing justice when I colour it.  I’ve been on a traditional media kick recently, but this one is too important to me to not use a method that includes Ctrl-Z and layers.

NaNoWriMo novel trades are still open, or heck, even if you don’t have time to read Halcyon, I’ll be happy to read anyone else’s novel.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the two novels I’ve read so far.



1. amuirin - December 8, 2008

I do like your picture. Fascinating to me, to be able to think up an image and render it on a page. I can’t do that- but like writing, it seems like a way to create your own worlds.

2. bloggingexperiments - December 9, 2008

Good luck with editing Halcyon.

Hope you don’t mind but “You’ve been tagged!!”
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3. Betty - December 10, 2008

Hello There!
Was sent over my Blogging Experiments, She linked you on her current post.Great Work! You are very talented. 🙂


4. mapelba - December 12, 2008

I haven’t had a chance to read your novel yet, but as my vacation starts Monday, I hope to catch up on reading soon. Hope springs eternal in these parts.

Just thought I’d let you know. I like the sketches too. It is nice to come across another soul writing and making art.

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