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Day 49 December 19, 2008

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Work progresses on Halcyon.  It’s not going overly fast; I didn’t get as much into the NaNoWriMo spirit this year, and as such, I’m having a harder time just getting going when I get to a good stopping point, or a troublesome scene.  It’s getting done, but it’s a bit more work than perhaps I intended.

A scene near the beginning of the story wasn’t tense enough, so I decided to add a bit more drama to it.  Unfortunately, it didn’t sit well with one of the main characters, and I lost her.  But the writing was flowing well today, and I like the directions it’s taken.

I’m a descriptive writer, and usually I tend to focus on character feelings and reactions.  When I wrote Halcyon, however, it came out more like an action movie.  It told a good story, at least I feel like it did, but I didn’t really get to know some of the characters, and it could be so much more with the cast that’s a good deal larger than I tend to work with.  So, I’m trying to expand on them a bit more now that I’m revising it.  Today, I discovered that one of the characters has a calico cat named Miso, and apparently her boyfriend – the character’s, not the cat’s – disapproves of the amount of time she spends with the other characters.

I’m hoping that I can get a bit more length out of this story as I continue to work on it.  I don’t have a problem with writing a shorter story, but this first part of the story is being lengthened a bit, and there are still a couple flashback scenes I have not yet written which are somewhat essential to the story, and it would be nice to end up with something a little more book length.  Although I would like Aurius to be a breakout novel, Halcyon might be an easier sale.

On that front, there has finally been some action.  On my part, anyway.  I had originally sent Aurius to two big fantasy publishers earlier this year.  I received a form letter rejection from one some months ago, though I never heard from the other.  I took some time off from trying to sell Aurius recently as I entered some short story contests, hopefully so I could receive some sort of recognition as an author and thus pad my query letter.  Primarily, I focused on the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest, which is open only to authors who have not had a novel professionally published.  Hoping I could get at least an honorable mention before the desired acceptance of Aurius would disqualify me from further entries, I let the second publisher I submitted the novel to languish, though near as I can tell, I didn’t get as much as an honorable mention for the first short story I entered in the contest.

I hemmed and hawed about it for a little while, as I do have a number of short story ideas waiting to be written – some longer and better fitting with the general length and theme of submitted entries to the contest – but ultimately, I decided that I shouldn’t set aside what has already been written for the promise of new contest entry stories to come some day.

So, nearly four months after I was supposed to receive a response from the second publisher to which I submitted Aurius, I shot off a query as to the status of my submission.  That was a week ago and I have not heard back from the publisher yet.  In the meantime, I’m focusing on another large fantasy publisher which seems to pride itself on discovering new talent.  The fact that said publisher accepts only complete manuscript submissions is advantageous to me, as well, as the first chapter of Aurius doesn’t exactly give the sharpest insight to the rest of the novel.  I’m quite pleased with it, it only makes a difficult sell.

The third publisher does specifically state that they do not allow simultaneous submissions, so I can’t send Aurius off until I hear from the second publisher.  But at least the process is moving again, and hopefully I’ll hear from the latter soon.



1. bloggingexperiments - December 24, 2008


Great going with your revisions on Halcyon. It sounds like you have quite a few good ideas to flesh out your story.

Good luck with Aurius and the Writer’s of the Future contest. I know someone else who is anxiously awaiting the results of her entry into the competition.

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