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February sketches February 13, 2009

Posted by thejinx in art, enduring chaos.
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I haven’t done much drawing lately – though fixing my pencil is a wonderful motivation and mood lifter – but some quick sketches the last couple nights yielded some pleasantly surprising results.

Amalia and Stickshift Penny

Done for a sketch trade with a fellow artist, FeralGrinn.  I’ve done a few pictures for her over the years, but this one is special because it’s the first I’ve done well.  For her half of the trade, she did a lovely sketch of my Domino from The Fire Within.

Speaking of whom, I did my own sketch of Domino tonight.


Since I originally wrote TFW, I’ve had a fairly clear mental image of how Domino looks, but it’s been sometimes frustratingly difficult trying to get that image down on paper.  While watching Law & Order: SVU this week, it occurred to me that Christopher Meloni, the actor who plays Detective Stabler, has a very similar facial structure to how I picture Domino.  So, I drew this from a picture of him, with some features suitably adjusted.  It’s about the most accurate representation I’ve done of the character yet.

Incidentally, these sketches display more the type of style I’d like to adopt for my art in general.  Anime is great and all, but I’m growing fond of the idea of distinguishing characters by facial features, rather than merely eye colour.

And holy cow, those actually look like noses.



1. Leah - February 13, 2009

very nice!

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