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Times, they are a-changin’ March 3, 2009

Posted by thejinx in art, life, photography.
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I started this blog after I got a job, so despite that it was a big deal at the time, it didn’t warrant particular mention here.  What did was when my job switched from temporary to permanent last summer, with a resulting promotion and duty shift that could have affected my creative output.

In that vein, I suppose it warrants mention that last week, I lost that job.

Free time to put into my various hobbies was short-lived, however, as a scant few hours after I began searching, I got another job – but it’s a temporary one, going only until the end of this week.

I have recently been preoccupied with the thought that I don’t have enough free time for all the creative things I want to do and with the notion of turning my hobbies into a living.  Naturally, since the biggest deterrant to that, a permanent and well-paying job, is now gone, the thought has crossed my mind again.

While I don’t think I’m ready to abandon the working world yet, I have been putting some thought this week into doing more with my various hobbies – or primarily the ones that occupy most of my free time, art, writing, and photography.  So, this week, I intend to register for a table at artist’s alley at Anime North, to sell prints and commissions, primarily, and simply to try to get my name out there more.  And tonight, I registered for three different stock photography galleries, hoping that my work can be sold to their customers.

And that leaves writing.  I get the most satisfaction out of writing novels, but that’s a long-term investment for an uncertain return, especially for one with no publishing credits.  Short fiction would be a much better place to start, though all of the good short fiction I’ve written is ineligible for submission to most serious venues, as I’ve already shared those on the website, among other places.  I have a lengthy list of ideas I keep updated whenever a new one comes to me, and there are a few shorter story ideas that I could probably just sit down and start writing.  At the moment, if I am truly interested in trying to sell my work more, it would be a better idea to focus on those, especially since the novel I have been working on cannot be offered for traditional publication, anyway.

There’s more I could explore, especially after surprising myself with the success of my first oil painting, posted here Monday.  But, these efforts are a satisfying enough start, and a much larger step forward than I have ever taken before.  The table at Anime North might not work out, but I’ll still get more exposure.  The photographs I submitted may not be accepted by the stock galleries at all, but the only thing I will have lost is time.  And what will I gain by not doing either?

As for writing, well… we’ll see how the characters react to my wanting to focus on something else.



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