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Glimpse into the past June 11, 2009

Posted by thejinx in art, eyes of a dragon.
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I’ve been having so much fun developing the backstories for the characters in my novel Eyes of a Dragon that I decided to do a series of sketches illustrating their past.  Here’s the first two:


Nayori Trevaulle accompanying her merchant father on a routine business trip, shown here with his wagon driver at the time.  I picked a more cartoony style for this drawing because I thought it suited the scene better.  I also didn’t know until I drew this that Nayori had freckles, though she does seem the type.  This scene takes place 5-7 years before the story.


Krisiniel Shiani, the most educated of the humble Krisiniels for her gift with magic, practicing her calligraphy at home.  This was the drawing I actually did first, and as it’s more of a visual expression than a specific illustration, really, it could happen almost anytime prior to the story, though she does look a little older than I intended her to.

Look for illustrations of other characters to come!  Although, I suppose I have already done a picture from Marlin’s past.



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