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Sketch of the day – July 11 & 12 July 12, 2009

Posted by thejinx in art.
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Okay, so I didn’t live up to my promise of sketching something every day this weekend – Friday just ended up being too busy.  But, I did get to do some art this weekend:


Pardon the photo, the paint curled the paper a bit and I decided to let my mother-in-law keep this one.  I don’t actually count this one as my sketch of the day for yesterday, as there was no pencil involved in it, but the painting that I did use pencil on is not yet complete, so I’ll be posting that later.


Today, I just felt like drawing something cartoony.  Although, he came out so cute that I may have to draw him again.



1. gypsytala - July 13, 2009

You don’t need a pencil to sketch!! A sketch is a sketch whatever medium you use..I love the fox…

thejinx - July 13, 2009

Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right; I think I’m taking this sketch a day challenge a little too seriously.

And thanks, though he’s a raccoon. ^_^

gypsytala - July 13, 2009

Sorry!! you’ll have to forgive me for the fox mistake..we don’t have Racoons in Wales just foxes..he’s very lovely anyway.

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