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Sketch of the day – July 15 July 15, 2009

Posted by thejinx in art, eyes of a dragon.
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Yes, I missed yesterday.  Today, some more sketches based on models I built in FaceGen Modeller.  On the right is Jeremy, the star of Eyes of a Dragon, first in a sketch directly done from the model, then in a more stylized version.  On the left is a second sketch from the model of Derek from the same story, which I keep tweaking.  The model, that is.  The likeness there is pretty close to how I envision him, though I think some shading might be needed to portray him properly.

Also, I’m sorry to say that finished art, and updates in general, are likely to become scarce as I am now working again.  On the bright side, more money for art supplies?



1. agrufus - July 15, 2009

Nice sketches. Interestingly I too have started a category ‘Daily Doodles’in my blog wherein I intend to post my drawings everyday apart from other things.

thejinx - July 16, 2009

It’s really a great way to practice and get ideas flowing, and something I as an artist really should do more often. I’ll have to check out your work.

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