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Testing the Water December 14, 2010

Posted by thejinx in art, enduring chaos.
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Art is something I always have to approach tentatively.  I get immense joy out of creating something I’m happy with, but nothing stresses me out more than when it isn’t working.

In that vein, since I haven’t drawn a thing in the past two months but suddenly had a strong urge to do so, I started light:

Damian Sires, star of my NaNoWriMo novel of this year, as she appeared in the second draft of the story and the current.

One thing that never fails to cause me stress is computer colouring.  While I love the forgiving nature of it – Ctrl-Z is my best friend – I am frequently frustrated by my lack of progress with it.  Given my growing interest in markers this year, I had more or less sworn off computer colouring.

Then, a few minutes ago, I discovered a picture I’d started colouring in Photoshop:

And I was pleasantly surprised at how the little colouring I’d done so far had come out.  It wasn’t the colouring that caused me to abandon this image over a year ago; it was the lineart, which, while I used my smallest inking pen, the digital conversion caused it to become heavy and obnoxious.  Some experimentation when this issue plagued me yielded no solutions, so I had already decided I would colour this with markers instead.

Looking at it again, however, the lineart doesn’t bother me as much, and I like the little colouring so far enough that maybe I will continue colouring it on Photoshop.  Of course, this is one of at least twenty drawings that need to be finished, so who knows when I’ll actually get to it.



1. Andre - December 30, 2010

I hope you finish this picture, I think the colouring so far is wonderful and the line art is spot-on. All the characters stand out and their costume design is unique to them. Keep it up!

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