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Why an author’s schedule is not his own January 31, 2011

Posted by thejinx in enduring chaos, writing.
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I seem to have committed myself to a lot more writing than I had initially planned.

I have been working on rewriting Ghost’s Reflection, now one of my oldest fantasy novels and my project for last NaNoWriMo.  Most of what I wrote last November has been scrapped, as further development in December and later has resulted in fairly significant changes to the story.

I have always known that this story spans more than one novel, as a portion of the conflict is left unresolved at the end.  Up until now, I’ve simply left that as is, as something to deal with later.  I was content with writing this story and looking forward to moving on to a different project afterward.

However, due to further discussion with my collaborator this weekend, that open ending has been sketched out into a full trilogy.  Not that I’m disappointed about that; what struck me about this development was that if I plan to publish this first book anytime in the near future, I’m going to have to continue writing the second and third books right afterward.  Otherwise, readers will lose interest with the series or believe that it will never be finished.

The idea of writing for others is one I’m still getting used to.  I first felt the pressure of a published author when I realized some months ago that if I was to sell at the 2011 Gen Con’s Author’s Avenue, I would need a new book to offer patrons.  Fortunately, that pressure has been lifted due to the fact that I should have a different book available for sale by that point, and that I won’t be going to Gen Con this year.

The pressure remains, though.  If one plans to write and release more than one book, and continue selling books, one must continue putting out new books at a regular pace.  There is an awful lot of competition for fantasy/science fiction novels out there and a reader’s interest must be maintained.

Of course, if my goal is to be a professional author, and publisher, then I need to learn how to write new books and find those by others to release consistently.  It’s part of the job and a part I must embrace if I am truly serious about pursuing my passion.

Finding that my writing schedule is no longer my own is a concept I’ll have to get used to, though.



1. Andre - January 31, 2011

Can’t wait for the new books! You’ve got the imagination and talent to write a full library, so never give up, and keep writing (and drawing).

thejinx - February 1, 2011

Thanks! I intend to.

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