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One hobby at a time March 30, 2011

Posted by thejinx in enduring chaos, writing.

At the beginning of the year, all my attention and time were spent on writing my novel Ghost’s Reflection. I set and met goals for myself for writing and the momentum built on itself, making it easy to continue working on it. I was both successful with writing and enjoying it, and even though it wasn’t quite NaNoWriMo pace, I was pleased with the progress I made in the first couple months of the year.

In mid-February, due to the timeline I had for finishing it, I switched gears almost entirely to work on the cover for Ruins of Change. It was both art, which I struggle with at the best of times and hadn’t worked on in months, and very ambitious, making the going slow. Eventually, that momentum built on itself as well and by the time I got to painting the character, I was getting fairly good at actually putting the time in on it every day. And, of course, I enjoyed working on art so much that I immediately began work on “At Long Last,” which I started right after finishing Ruins of Change.

Unfortunately, writing very much took a back seat during this time, if not was simply left behind on the curb. I tried to work some writing time into my daily schedule, but between focusing on art and getting held up on a challenging scene, for the most part it just didn’t happen.

More unfortunately still, now that I’m ready to really devote some attention to Ghost’s Reflection again, I’m finding that earlier momentum is not something that comes naturally to me. Writing does get intimidating for me, especially when I get deep into a story like I am with this one. I keep trying to get back to the story, but making myself just sit down and write is not so easy.

What would be easy? Focusing instead on finishing more older drawings, which admitedly is something I would like to do. But I would like to get a first draft – of this third draft – finished by this summer, ideally with some time left over to do some editing. Considering the pace I was able to write earlier in the year, I don’t think that’s an unreasonable goal, but it does mean I have to actually start writing again. And it seems that my productivity and creativity tend to get stuck on a particular medium, which is currently art.

Today, I finally managed to make myself sit down and write, and have added over 2,000 words to the story so far. Not everything I write has to be phenomenal, and not all of what I have so far is, but once it’s there, I can go back and clean it up later.  Starting tomorrow, I think I will try to split my working hours between working on art and writing, since I do want to get work done on both.  My word count for the month will still be dismal, but at least I have gotten started again.

As long as I can start building momentum again, I can continue writing. I just need to retrain myself to get in that mood again. And the only way I’m going to do that is to write.



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