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December sketches December 8, 2012

Posted by thejinx in art.
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Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Goodreads book giveaway. If you’re still interested in a copy of Halcyon, ebooks are available from Amazon and most major ebook retailers for $2.99, or you can pick it up direct from Smashwords. (Or better still, print copies are available through Brain Lag for $12.99.)

Without NaNoWriMo looming over my head anymore, I’ve actually been inspired enough to pick up pencil and paper lately and try to get some drawings out of my mind. Alas, I forget how much work it is to draw specific scenes – or how overambitious my ideas tend to be – and I’ve not yet found the motivation or patience to flesh out these rough sketches more.

Still, because I have enjoyed drawing them, here’s what I have been working on lately. I apologize for the poor photo quality – as well as the poor drawing quality – but spontaneity is of the essence in this case. (And perhaps some public shaming will help me gain enough interest to put the work into improving them.)

2012-12-08 21.51.15

2012-12-08 21.50.48

2012-12-08 21.50.13

2012-12-08 21.49.16



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