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The best I can do January 19, 2016

Posted by thejinx in art.
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I draw for fun.

That’s the long and short of it. I may get frustrated with it, I may make pieces with the express interest of selling them, but I come back to art time and again because I enjoy it. And these days, I draw almost exclusively for fun of the craft itself.

Lately, that means a lot of unfinished pictures. Admittedly, time and other priorities are a huge part of it, but mainly, I just don’t get taken with the sketches I do enough to see them through to completion. It’s a lot of work – to the tune of up to 20 hours on a single piece.

To an extent, it has always been this way. I have drawings I have yet to finish, and still really want to, that are ten years old, or older still. Life just gets in the way, and I never get around to coming back to it. At least, I haven’t yet – I still hold out hope that I will some day.

As a result, I rarely end up finishing a picture that is the best I can do. Even when I have a very important piece of art to do or one that I really want to make look good – or both – time or interest run out, and I just focus on getting it to a point that I can call it finished, even if I could make it better. I still might be very pleased with my work, and I certainly don’t go back to work on it later, but I take shortcuts or I accept something a little (artistically) messier for the sake of getting it done.

Currently, I am working on a drawing in which that is not the case. It was a fairly quick idea, not necessarily the picture I wanted to try so hard on. And admittedly, this picture is on a schedule that might run out on me. But I wrote last year about how I am pleased with my art, and this drawing especially so. I am trying some new things that so far are working out very well, and time and interest are both there for now.

The drawing is still early in its creation, despite having put 5-6 hours in already, as the lineart isn’t even done yet. I don’t feel like showing anything off yet, but I am planning a step by step post for after it is finished. It might be a while yet – the deadline is a while off still – and I apologize for that.

But of course, I’m only really doing this drawing for me.



1. writingbolt - January 19, 2016

I used to have that problem often as a kid. And, a lot of that unfinished artwork was tossed by my parents who thought I’d never get to it all. And, that hurt deeper than anyone realized. It impacted my creativity and caused me to be a very private, eccentric, distrusting person. After many years of being creative in “the wrong place” or “at the wrong time,” I have drawn less and been less generous with my art. Which is a real shame.

As you also said, I put a lot of time into one piece…more than most I find on here. People post great works they did in a fraction of the time. I can spend 20 or more hours on one nice poster and feel like I am too slow most of the time. Sometimes I even make a smear or mistake long into the work that ruins everything and upsets me a long time.

Hoping for some day seems exhausting. At least, it has been for me. I cannot go on being a princess (or prince) in a tower waiting for that magic moment to come. I seem to be on my own with many things in life. So, I do what I can and try not to spend too much time or energy where it’s not appreciated/needed.

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