the-unseen-force-mThe Unseen Force

Book two of the Sisters of Chaos trilogy

Damian Sires has seen the cruelty of the gods she used to worship. Now they are building an army, and most of Faneria supports its mission. Alone in her convictions, she must face a much greater foe than before, all while fighting against her own reputation.

Released: June 2020

enduring-chaosEnduring Chaos

Book one of the Sisters of Chaos trilogy

Power might fade. Man might forget. But history never dies. Damian Sires might have been a normal young woman, had she not been born with unnatural eyes and a dangerous gift. She has kept both hidden throughout her life from a world that condemns magic. But power is coveted by many, and when her ability begins to spiral out of control, forgotten history is reawakened.

Released: November 2013

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a-jewel-on-sapphire-coverA Jewel on Sapphire

Living on the space station Sapphire, Mia’s biggest worry is collecting money for the school fundraiser, until she finds an alien on the station! She wants to keep it as a pet, but then it starts getting sick. She doesn’t want to give it up, but if her parents find out, she’ll have to. What can she do?

Released: October 2019


A computer virus that infects cybernetic implants with unstoppable force has plagued people for ten years. A military-funded project to create an antivirus fell apart, and humanity’s best hope rests with a ragtag group of programmers and visionaries struggling to pick up where the lead engineer for the project left off. But the virus isn’t the only thing standing in their way.

Released: August 2012


What starts as a young man’s adventure of a lifetime soon becomes the most humbling experience he’s ever had. Fighting for his life, fighting fate, trying to grasp the foreign aspects of a strangely familiar land, and taking on a quest that will affect the entire world are just the beginning. And as months pass, he starts to long for something he never expected: home.

Released: August 2010

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