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A novel by Catherine Fitzsimmons

Young adult fantasy, 322 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9866493-0-1


Paperback – $14.99
Amazon Kindle ebook – $2.99
Other ebook formats – $2.99
Also available through your local bookstore

Aurius needs a hero.  What it gets is Jacob Marshall.

Jacob is an unpopular, out-of-shape high school student who’s never handled anything more dangerous than the senior football team. When he enters Aurius, however, he’s ecstatic, because he knows this world intimately, and an escape from reality is all he ever wanted.

Yet, he soon discovers that this world is far more real than anything he left behind. Fighting for his life becomes the least of his concerns as he struggles with being a foreigner in a strange land. Knowing what will happen only makes him the target of suspicion, and trying to prevent tragedies only he knows are coming is a heavy burden to bear.

But none of it compares to the most important lesson he must learn: that being a hero means more than just learning how to do battle with a sword. Jacob’s greatest challenge may be facing himself.


“Very appealing and genuine. Caters to young adult audience without being pandering. Main character intesting, genuine and sympathetic. … Very observant and teen sensitive with some dead on descriptions… Feels very real. … Authentic. Sensitive. Satisfying.”
— Amazon.com Expert Reviewer

“Gives the reader a birds-eye view of … a young person. Sneaking out to pursue a passion that may not always be understood by adults while finding a place to fit in among those with a shared interest. … A coming of age story for teens or young adults.”
— Amazon.com Expert Reviewer

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