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Halcyon – World

As population continued to boom and space came at a higher and higher premium, cities began building on top of themselves, layering domiciles and businesses one on top of the other to create more space.  Views of the sky became more valuable and a hierarchy formed, ranging from the spacious penthouses of the wealthy high in the upper levels to the slums on the ground.

Technology has progressed and cybernetic implants used to assist with everything from memory loss to controlling one’s immune system have all but eradicated disease.  The concept of fashionable implants, digital body customization giving people all manner of computerized alterations, has become a lucrative and popular business as people in densely packed cities struggle for individuality.

The stress that accompanies such an advanced society, with people unable to escape work and entombed by light and development, has made entertainment an even more integral part of life.  The ways for people to relax and let loose have become both more varied and more inclusive, and though crime is rampant at least on the lower levels of cities, all different types of people get along together better than ever before.

It is in this world that the computer virus known as Halcyon kills victims at random without warning.  The virus is clever, using whatever implants a person has to cause the most destruction, and leaves no survivors.  People live in fear of being struck next, upgrading their personal firewalls as often as possible, though few can afford the constant upgrades, and even those that can are not completely safe.



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