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Novels in Progress

Eyes of a Dragon
In the midst of a racial war, a knight’s son who abhors the fighting learns that an even greater danger threatens the land of Menois.
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Writing
Word count: 58,252


Untitled projects in development

Four orphans think escaping from their home is the most exciting event of their lives, until a chance meeting with a smuggler carrying dangerous cargo draws them into a galaxy-wide conflict teetering on the brink of war.
Genre: Science fiction

A century after Earth is brought into a universe-wide network of alien species, humanity’s greatest hope for continued freedom lies in a handful of individuals who don’t even realize how gifted they are.
Genre: Science fiction

Recruited for a seemingly impossible task, the land’s finest group of treasure hunters do what they’re best at.  But there seems more to their mission than meets the eye…
Genre: Western fantasy

In a world of competing clans, the only family to stand between one ruthless clan leader and ultimate power is slowly torn apart through a 14-year quest for vengeance.
Genre: Fantasy

An assassin who thinks he has everything figured out finds there’s more to the world and his employers than meets the eye when he falls mortally ill.
Genre: Victorian-era fantasy



1. Gathering dust « Jinxed - November 18, 2011

[…] for other productivity over the past several months, I am at work editing my novel Halcyon for publication hopefully next spring.  Major edits are complete and I’ve started […]

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