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Eyes of a Dragon – Characters

Jeremy Galderon
Age: 18
Height: 5’10”
Body: Medium build, athletic and strong
Race: Carunese
Personality: Noble, strong-willed, and tolerant, he’s troubled by the war and frustrated with the prejudice that has come between Carunese and Elvens
History: Born the only son and first-born child of a third-generation knight, he grew up in the shadow of his father, Sir William Galderon. Jeremy squired for his father throughout his developing years, but refused to accept knighthood when he came of age as the war between Clyres and Therion drove a wedge between them.

Marlin Danikas
Age: 16
Height: 5’7″
Body: Somewhat emaciated and lanky build
Race: Half-Elven
Personality: Optimistic, helpful, and light-hearted, he always tries to make people smile, though he’s upset by the way he’s been treated just for being part Elven
History: Given up for adoption at birth, Marlin has never known anything of his blood family but the name of his grandfather. Spent his entire life growing up in the town of Pyka and has never seen the empire of Therion, but was arrested at the outbreak of the war for his Elven heritage.

Nayori Trevaulle
Age: 21
Height: 5’7″
Body: Athletic build, defined muscles and small curves
Race: Carunese
Personality: Independent, tough, and self-confident, she’s very strong-willed and fairly laid back, but harbors resentment of Clyres for its actions as a result of the war
History: Daughter of a merchant who imported goods from Therion, she grew up without much of a steady home, but with a close connection to her father. Far preferred Therian company to Clyresian, as her peers often teased or harrassed her for her tomboyish nature. Her father was tried and hanged for treason for running a black market route between Clyres and Therion after war was declared. Later, she was imprisoned for starting a riot in Pyka.

Krisiniel Shiani
Age: 14
Height: 5’2″
Body: Small and thin
Race: Elven
Personality: Bitter, withdrawn, and naive, she is quick to anger and trusts few
History: Grew up with her parents and brother Larius in Therion until their home was attacked and overtaken by Clyres. Shiani and Larius barely escaped with their lives, but their parents weren’t so fortunate. With nowhere to go, they began wandering the land.  Shiani began to hate Clyresians for what had happened to her family and home and Therians for not protecting her.

Krisiniel Larius
Age: 19
Height: 6’2″
Body: Lithe and graceful build
Race: Elven
Personality: Conflicted, regretful, and lost, his sense of duty to his country battles with his familial duty to his sister
History: Larius and Shiani grew up in a house that preached peace, but when war broke out, he felt it his duty to defend his country and joined the Therian forces.  When he heard about the attack on his home, he fled the army to return and protect Shiani. Abandoning the Therian army, he and Shiani fled, trying to avoid contact with Clyresians and Therians alike while they consider what they should do next.

Age: 19
Height: 5’11”
Body: Medium to muscular build
Race: Apparently Elven, mysterious heritage
Personality: Aloof, carefree, and arrogant, he’s almost always smiling and laughing at the world, close to no one and caring about nothing
History: Born with bird wings and without a soul, he was abandoned by parents he never knew and spent his first years in the taciturn company of a group of Therian priests, until he was cast out as a teenager into a world that feared and scorned him.  A lifetime of rejection and betrayal has left him feeling detached from the world and callous towards others. He lives to cause trouble for Clyres and Therion alike and laughs at those who do the same, shrugging off cruelty and rolling his eyes at compassion. Extremely powerful, he fears nothing and is very confident in his own abilities.

rysethMarshal Ryseth
Age: 52
Height: 6’0″
Body: Medium/lean build
Race: Carunese
Personality: Cunning, dutiful, and proud, he is loyal to and very protective of his superiors and his charges
History: Unknown. He is the commanding officer of the Clyresian army.



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