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Eyes of a Dragon – Story

Clyres and Therion are at war.  Over the past five years, the conflict has grown bloodier as racism descends into hatred, and the land seems to suffer with it, as winter has not ended in a year.  Crops have died, people starve, and all manner of materials are in short supply, driving the land into desperation.

Jeremy Galderon is tied to the war as squire to his father, a prominent knight for the predominantly human kingdom of Clyres.  However, despite being of age, he has refused knighthood, and he defies the fighting and hatred that has consumed the kingdom, due to lifelong friendship with a half-Elven who has been imprisoned since the outbreak of the war.  Upon returning to his home after another brutal campaign, Jeremy stages a daring midnight escape, danger following close at his heels.  Soon, however, he encounters something extraordinary, and he learns that an even greater threat shadows the land.



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