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Eyes of a Dragon – World

The mysterious continent of Menois was discovered and colonized in the past two centuries.  It was hailed as a pure land when the first groups of Carunese and Elvens sailed to its shores in the hopes of building a new society free from the constant strife and hatred of the old country.  The kingdom of Clyres and empire of Therion were forged, closely tied to and dependent upon each other.  In this new world, the Elven ability to use magic seems more potent and creatures of legend long disappeared from the old country seem closer at hand.

Mysteries remain in Menois even though Clyres and Therion have been settled for years.  The southern portion of the continent, beyond a range of impassable mountains, remains uncharted, as all expeditions by land or sea fail to return.  Evidence occasionally appears of people native to Menois that have never been seen.  And spots remain that have not been explored, towering mountains and eerie forests.

Over the years that have passed since Carunese and Elvens first came from the old country, politics have driven a wedge between the two lands, and the old bitterness seems to have followed people into the new world.  Carunese and Elvens each began disassociating themselves with the other, living exclusively in Clyres or Therion.  Since the war broke out, fear and bigotry have reached a peak, and now no Elvens can live in Clyres free of persecution, and no Carunese in Therion.  Yet, in spite of an endless winter and dwindling food supplies, the war rages on.



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