Flash fiction

Ever since I met myself, reality hasn’t been the same.

The road ended five miles ago.

Unexpected Encounter

A yawn rose up out of my throat as I strode down the narrow corridor leading out of the cafeteria.

The Grind

People tell me all the time that I must have a great job. I’m so sick of hearing this.

Dream Guy

She saw Janet step out of a storefront, her highlighted blonde hair visibly limp against her scalp even from half a block away.

Short stories

A Strange Meeting

It was a small courtyard, poorly tended, on the far end of the compound that was her escape.

Heart of Gold

I was following the wind that day. It usually swirled me around deeper into the mountains, but that day it rolled off them and swept me down to the meadow. I must have passed the house a hundred times before I ever knew it was there.

The Harmony Warrior

Grey Brothers. Souleaters, Leon thought with an uncontrollable shiver. He glanced around the alley and felt his stomach turn. They could have been regular thugs, dropouts from the very high school he went to, and he thought he might even have recognized some of their faces, but somehow, he knew they weren’t human.

The Runner

Someone once told me that if you ran fast enough, you could fly.


My psychiatrist suggested I start keeping a diary to monitor my thoughts and progress. I can’t write fast enough and handwritten books seem too unwieldy, so I’ve decided to record my thoughts on tape like this.

Ash’s Last Night

You can delay it. You can ignore it. You can alter the terms of it, but it’s going to happen eventually. That’s the idea of inevitability, you can’t stop it. People die.


“Mommy, why am I different?”


Sounds rang constantly through the cavernous dining hall: indistinct voices spoke to each other over an orchestra of classical music and dishes clattering. The room was filled with well-dressed people and servants, and the decoration was extravagant.


Unthinkable (Batman Beyond)

Bruce pushed himself out of his seat, but Terry was already at the stairs leading out of the dank cave. He knew Terry too well to try stopping him. Nothing he could say would help now.


A Moment

A moment, captured in time
Eternity in the blink of an eye

The Dream

A dream of a wasteland
Awaken with a cry

Taking Her Away

I know not always does it seem it’s right,
But this is just my job, it’s what I do—


Red stars, blue stars, yellow and white
Shine with me on this glorious night

Like Sands of Time

Like sands of time, drifting away
To memories of a forgotten day

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