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“Mommy, why am I different?”
“You’re not different, honey.”
“Yes I am, no one else is like me.”
“That doesn’t make you strange.”
“But everyone always says I’m strange.”
“Who says that?”
“They say it by the way they look at me.”
“Honey, you don’t let them tell you how to feel. You’re a wonderful person inside, and that’s all that counts.”

“Hey, doc, why am I different?”
“Well, we can’t all be the same. It’s theoretically impossible.”
“But, why am I different?”
“It’s all genetic, my boy. It’s just who you are.”

“Honey, why am I different?”
“You’re different because you’re unique, and that makes you so special.”
“But why am I different?”
“What do you mean?”



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