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The Dream

A dream of a wasteland
Awaken with a cry
Fall back into sleep
With a whisper and a sigh

Miles away, the forbidden glory
I seek you from here
If all the world faded to black
I just want you near

Surrounded by apathy
Stars above, sea below
The dream I live for
The dream I want to know
Far beyond me, holding fast
Dream for me, dream of me, make it last

Mist fogging my sight
I see the light ahead
Fighting through what burns in me
For love, for life, wake from the dead

The sky above me, deepest blue
The same calmness that I see in you
The dream I await
The dream I still hold to
Wind in my face, demons eating my soul
If the dream's strong enough, one way to know

Fly by my wings
Birthed by the dream
The blackness I see
Fight it all, I need the dream
Come back to me

Can't escape the pain
It haunts me every night
The dream still far
The dream still in sight
The last struggle, I don't know when it will be
Until then, take the dream and dream it for me

© Catherine Fitzsimmons



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