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Washington, part 3 September 18, 2008

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Next batch of photos from Washington is up:

Now, if you’ll allow me a moment of self-assurance, I took a lot of really good photos on the west coast.  When I first did a quick run through my pictures, looking for photos that really stood out as gallery-worthy, I ended up with about eighty, and that was being conservative.  Obviously, since I had a grand total of 48 gallery-worthy photos since I first got my own camera, I had to shrink that number down a bit for these gems I’ve been posting this week.

That doesn’t diminish the value of the ones that were cut for the final show, however.  So, to see the rest of the pictures that really stood out from the nearly 1,300 I took in Washington, feel free to visit my Photobucket album, where you will see more photos such as these: