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Music Monday: Retro hour August 27, 2018

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Lo and behold! I haven’t forgotten about my “weekly” feature. I’m just terrible at sticking to it.

This week, I wanted to share some arrangements with a retro, vintage, even old-fashioned flair. I’m always amazed at the imagination of arrangers, and these songs in particular impressed me.

HyperDuck SoundWorks – Punk Hairdo Kid (download)

We’ll start back in the ’80s with this synth-pop arrangement of “Chrono Trigger” from the SNES classic Chrono Trigger. This one delighted me on first listen, both for the kitschy-ness and the quality of the arrangement, and I can totally picture this music to the opening of a cheesy 1980s cartoon about Chrono Trigger.


Cyril the Wolf – Dancing in the Jungle (download)

Going further back now with this arrangement of “Brinstar Green Soil” from Super Metroid that makes me envision a ’70s cop show in which Samus Aran hunts down aliens while driving a muscle car and wearing an orange and yellow pantsuit with padded shoulders. In fact, listening to this song spawned an entire novel idea just a couple months ago, which took over my mind and made it awfully hard to focus on anything else for a few weeks, at least.

HyperDuck SoundWorks – Yearnings na Gaoithe (download)

HyperDuck SoundWorks delivers again with this gorgeous ’60s ambient rock style arrangement of “Longing of the Wind” from Chrono Trigger. The mellow beat, lo-fi instruments, and added record scratches are expertly woven into an authentic-sounding tribute to early synth rock and smoothly transforms this classic tune into something almost timeless.

Brandon Strader – Terra in Jazz (download)

Now it’s time to go way back, as Brandon Strader arranges “Terra” from Final Fantasy VI in a Prohibition-era jazz style that feels so real, you can almost smell the cigarette smoke in a dingy little speakeasy. Once again, the arrangement is so smooth, it feels like the original song was made for this style.

Scrab Cakes – Silent Film Partita (download)

And I’ll close out this week with another completely unexpected yet brilliant arrangement, a piano solo of “Wood Carving Partita” from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in the particular style of ragtime used in classic silent films. What else can I say? Like the other tracks, it’s an ingenious transformation of a singular original song, and it was a well-deserved win for the March 2017 Dwelling of Duels.


A week’s work September 20, 2008

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One week in, this rotating offline/online night idea has been pleasantly productive.  I’ve managed to make some significant progress on three drawings.  First is the June image for the next catgirl calendar, likely 2010:

Next, I worked on the Puma sisters – from Dominion Tank Police – sketch that I started at Fan Expo about a month ago:

And finally, I finished up the sketch of Simon Belmont from early Castlevania games:

Can’t say yet when the next finished art will come.  I have plenty of time to work on art this weekend, but given that that’s a foreign concept I haven’t known in about a month and a half, it’s still taking some getting used to, and actually figuring out what to do with myself is something else entirely.

Also, today I mailed off a submission to a writing contest.  Wish me luck.  I’d never even thought of writing contests before picking up the Writer’s Market a few months ago, but thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense.  It’s the second writing contest I’ve ever submitted to.  The first was for a local newspaper, several years ago, and I never got any response from it.  The problem now is figuring out what stories to submit to other upcoming contests.

By the way, for any of you who might be interested in submitting to writing contests, I found this website to be an immensely useful resource on current contests out there.

Next batch of photos from the west coast coming later today.  Stay tuned.

Bizarre kind of flattery September 9, 2008

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Well, would you look at that.  Somebody’s stolen my art.

Ennki on DeviantArt

I’m surprised and, yes, a little flattered that this person likes my art enough to… want to be like me?  I don’t know.  I’m not angry or upset, more surprised than anything.  I’m really not concerned about people using my art or even wanting to claim it as their own; people who would do that clearly have bigger problems with self-esteem, delusions, or some other issue for me to be very worried about it, and I get something much better out of saying I drew something than someone else – satisfaction for a job well done.  This, incidentally, is why I was completely happy with a friend of mine claiming my art as his own when he asked me for help with homework assignments, but that’s another story.

I know my art is open to all sorts of unsavory uses on the internet, but the point is that I’d like it to be seen.  I don’t believe in slapping huge watermarks over my art, ruining the picture I’m trying to share.  And if someone gets some misguided satisfaction from being given credit for something they didn’t do, well, good for them.

Still, it’s hard not to leave a mischievous comment with a link to my DeviantArt image page about Ennki’s image being too small.

I’ll leave you now with an updated scan of the Simon Belmont sketch, which I was able to work on during the flight out west:

Pictures from the trip will come soon, once I have the time to go through them.  It’s a busy week.

Vampire Killer August 29, 2008

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I haven’t had a chance to work on it tonight, but I felt like leaving with a preview of new art to come:

I wasn’t kidding when I said I felt like doing more fanart.

Going for a little different style here.  It’s fun to draw big, ripped muscles.  Incidentally, if any of you know any comprehensive resources for human anatomy, feel free to share links.

And a special bonus tonight, since I’ve actually been writing something of late that I can freely share online, follow the cut for a teaser. (more…)