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Final Fantasy VI: Remix – Chapter 2 April 29, 2009

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My novelization/rewrite of the classic video game Final Fantasy VI continues.  In the previous chapters, we met a mysterious girl who was rescued from her Imperial overlords by a kindly old man, only to be pursued again into the mines, where she fell into darkness.

In chapter 2, a new character comes to her aid.

Note: Knowledge of the game is not a prerequisite to reading this story.  I am writing it to be self-contained as it is.



Final Fantasy VI: Remix – Chapter 1 January 17, 2009

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A few months delayed in posting, here is chapter one of my rewrite of the Super Nintendo classic Final Fantasy VI.  In the previous chapter, a mysterious girl with the unique ability to use magic encounters an ancient creature of legend, frozen in time from the war that tore magic away from the world a thousand years ago.

In chapter 1, she awakens.


16-bit nostalgia October 5, 2008

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Final Fantasy VI, released in North America as Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo, has been one of my favourite video games ever since I first watched my brother play it when I was still in elementary school. I loved the characters – well, most of them – the story and the gameplay, little say the music.

Growing up and revisiting this old favourite, I have since realized that some of the characters are inconsistent at times and other parts of the script could stand to be cleaned up as well.  I still love the game, but, well, it could be improved upon – and what can’t, right?  So, I decided to rewrite FFVI.

The events of the game will still happen, though they may not necessarily happen the same way.  Likely much of the dialogue will be different, at least slightly, and some character interactions will be different, some drastically.  There will be scenes added that were never in the game, primarily for more character interaction that I wish had been in the game.  I can’t say how often I will update this story, as it is far from priority in my endeavors, but it is fun and easy to write – after all, the story’s already there.

As this idea has been on my mind of late and I’ve been revisiting the game script – and more recently the game itself – of course I had to add Final Fantasy VI fanart to the collection I’ve begun drawing in the hopes of getting a convention table:

This is a scene from the beginning of the game, when Locke protects Terra from the Imperial soldiers that come after her.

For those familiar with the game, I hope my novelization/rewrite of FFVI does justice to the game and gives you a fond stroll down memory lane.  For those who aren’t, I hope you enjoy my rendition of this classic and well-loved game, as well.

Now, without further ado, here is Final Fantasy VI: Remix. (more…)

Vampire Killer August 29, 2008

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I haven’t had a chance to work on it tonight, but I felt like leaving with a preview of new art to come:

I wasn’t kidding when I said I felt like doing more fanart.

Going for a little different style here.  It’s fun to draw big, ripped muscles.  Incidentally, if any of you know any comprehensive resources for human anatomy, feel free to share links.

And a special bonus tonight, since I’ve actually been writing something of late that I can freely share online, follow the cut for a teaser. (more…)