Surviving the apocalypse

People on Facebook seemed to enjoy my live updates as we attempted our regular grocery run during the Doomsday Shopping this morning, so I thought I would share the whole thread here.

10:41 a.m.: Thought getting groceries on a weekday morning would be okay. The checkout line is wrapped all the way around the store.

10:50: Abandoned carts are everywhere. Shelves are empty. It’s like the apocalypse happened while people were still preparing for it.

10:52: I sent my husband to the next aisle for applesauce five minutes ago. I fear he may be lost.

10:59: Legends tell that once, there was toilet paper. Now, only empty shelves and fallen price tags remain.

11:00: But you know what they still have? FRICKING KLEENEX. What do these people think they’re stocking up for?!

11:12: Checking the strawberries and the hubs says if they’re not ripe now, they will be by the time we reach the registers.

11:16: I’m trapped on the wrong side of the lineup. Everything’s going dark.

11:21: We’ve joined the line. It was nice knowing you all. I hope future generations will learn from our fossils, clutching bags of expired milk and dry beans.

11:27: Being Canadian of course, there’s a lot of sorrys, patiently waiting in orderly queues and friends greeting each other. It’s the friendliest apocalypse I’ve ever seen.

11:28: Though I can’t help but wonder who all these people have been in contact with…

11:34: We just saw a man walk by in a dust mask with four boxes of Mini-Wheats in his arms. We’re up to crisis level 4 now.

11:45: The end is in sight! Repent, o sinners, and you may yet earn the Cashier’s mercy!

11:50: At the end of the line is chaos. Where’s a traffic cop when you need one?

11:54: Order is breaking down. Anarchy is imminent as people make desperate last moment runs at the register.

12:03 p.m.: We have survived! Freedom! Sweet, blessed freedom! I have never earned groceries so dearly.

12:13: The groceries are put away. The ordeal is over. I’m going to sit in my house the rest of the weekend under a blanket with my Oreos and my Tito’s. You guys are on your own.

12:27: That moment when you realize you were so caught up in the madness that you forgot to pick up your prescription. Well, back we go!

A little micro fiction

“Skin-tight leather? Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to move in this?”

“It’s protection!”

“Against what, mosquitoes? Do you have any idea how hot and sweaty and sticky that’s going to get in a fight?”

“What do you want to be, the Superhero in Sweats?”

“Now that’s not a bad idea.”

Sketch of the… day?

I was interested in joining a friend and fellow artist in a challenge to sketch something every day for the month of July.  Clearly, I have failed in that endeavor.  Still, it’s a good idea if I can stick to it, even if I am starting late, and I thought I’d share a sketch I did this afternoon.


I saw some socks or boot covers in a banner ad that looked like that and liked the style, and the rest sort of came about on its own.  She strikes me as an airship pilot, though it’s not any character I currently have developed.

Though I wasn’t overly productive with art this week, I did spend some time with the sketchbook last weekend, perhaps in a warmup to the challenge I failed to meet yesterday and the day before.  Click the jump to have a look.

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