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Some summer July 18, 2017

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A few pictures I’ve taken in the last month or so (I’m trying to get better about posting).


Passion in progress April 18, 2010

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Some new sketches from this weekend:

And a progress image from a large, currently secret work, done last weekend:

Photos, cont. February 7, 2010

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Also, my latest literary accomplishment.

War for the Oaks, Emma Bull – Eddi McCandry is a struggling musician in Minneapolis who gets approached by two fey creatures, who have chosen her to appear on the battlefield between the two factions of Faerie, thus imparting her mortality to those present.  Despite her objections and the danger into which she is immediately thrust, they persist, a mischievous phouka accompanying her as both bodyguard and escort as war brews.

It’s a story that’s been done, but it’s important to note that in this case, it has been done since, rather than before.  Further, this is a story that’s done very well, with good depth and concepts that are clearly steeped in actual mythology.  The characters are refreshingly real and believable, the story is gripping, and the narration has a grungy flavour that’s really catching, especially in the opening of the novel.  It’s difficult to gracefully pull off an ordinary character suddenly discovering/approached by magic that has been always present and hidden in the real world, and while this book didn’t do it perfectly, it was still very acceptable.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would certainly recommend it.

Sketch of the day – July 11 & 12 July 12, 2009

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Okay, so I didn’t live up to my promise of sketching something every day this weekend – Friday just ended up being too busy.  But, I did get to do some art this weekend:


Pardon the photo, the paint curled the paper a bit and I decided to let my mother-in-law keep this one.  I don’t actually count this one as my sketch of the day for yesterday, as there was no pencil involved in it, but the painting that I did use pencil on is not yet complete, so I’ll be posting that later.


Today, I just felt like drawing something cartoony.  Although, he came out so cute that I may have to draw him again.

New photos, part 2 December 29, 2008

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More pictures from Algonquin Park and a shot of our lovely Tux.  Going out of town for a couple days, so the next batch may not come ’til the first.  If that’s the case, happy new year, everyone!

Peaceful excursions July 31, 2008

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Second to last batch of photos from the weekend:

I’ll admit I didn’t post the first particularly based on technical merit.  I’m just thrilled that I have a camera that can pick up stars.

Images of Algonquin July 29, 2008

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More new photos from last weekend: