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New art: Thunder Vale Huntress June 8, 2018

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On the topic of badly delayed posts, it’s time I shared some art I did only a full month ago. For Christmas, we got ourselves a box set of Super Dungeon Explore. As soon as I saw the Thunder Vale Huntress figure, I wanted to paint her.


However, I wasn’t crazy about her in-game colour scheme.


I saw her differently, so I decided to paint her my own way.


Then, for some reason, the night I finished painting her, I was overcome with a desire to draw her as well. My muse, ADHD as it is, decided to devote my weekend to it. Not only that, but I broke out art supplies I haven’t touched in years, such as my 11″ x 14″ Bristol board (now possibly my favourite paper for markers, which I hadn’t tried before) and the brush pen I had yet to seriously try. I even went and attempted some serious comic inking, as well as more detailed horse anatomy than I’ve ever tried drawing before.

SDE centaur

Admittedly, I am pretty happy with this drawing (even if most of my shading on the horse body disappeared when I added the brown). I just wish my muse would get this excited about the projects I’m actually supposed to be working on.


Sketch of the day – July 17 July 17, 2009

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Anyone who knows me well knows that I am nuts about medieval weapons, so I felt like sketching some today.  If you can’t read my handwriting, the weapons depicted are voulge, naginata, halberd, bow and arrows, Tai Chi sword, mace, pistol, and sharkapult.

All were drawn without reference, which explains the improper crossguard on the Tai Chi sword, though I was just looking at images of voulge blades earlier today and halberds earlier this week.  The unlabeled weapon is one of my own design, a handheld weapon meant to be used in pairs in straight-armed, sweeping/slashing movements.

Cheers to the Futurama cast for the sharkapult.