Anime North, writing update

The odds were slim, but my luck seems to be rebounding from last month, as I was fortunate enough to get a table at the Comic Market – formerly Artist’s Alley – at Anime North in Toronto at the end of May.  I’ll be selling fanart and catgirl prints and hopefully some original marker fanart, and will be accepting commissions on-site.  I’ll be sharing a table with teddybearbones of DeviantArt.  I’ll add information such as table location sooner to the time of the convention.

I’ve been focusing a good deal on art since I received notification that I got a table, and alas, writing is struggling a little at the moment.  I had some difficulty this week trying to get into character for The Fire Within and didn’t get much accomplished as a result.  Although I’m starting to develop an idea of where and how the story is going to resolve itself, something that has been bothering me lately, some other inspiration has not made it easier to continue writing TFW.

A little background information: TFW began just shy of ten years ago as Ghost’s Reflection, a story set in a shared world based on the Final Fantasy video games.  When I finally gave up on the story, I was much farther along than I had been in any novel-length story I’d attempted to write previously, and in fact, I think I stopped writing within about five chapters – of around 115 – of the ending.

I had a strange craving to reread some of that old version of the story this week.  Terribly cheesy with quite the wandering plot, but there are things I still like about it.  In particular, the characters were a bit more engaging than they are now.  And that is making me a little disappointed in what I’ve written so far, and making me consider altering characters.

On the whole, I’m really pleased with how the story’s been coming out so far.  The prose has absolutely been flowing and the character interactions that I’ve changed since the second version of the story have significantly improved.  One character, who has become much darker since the original version, works a lot better this way, in my opinion.

But, something has seemed a little lacking of late, and I wonder if it isn’t the star herself.  She has actually come out even more timid and reluctant in this version than the last, despite intentions to the contrary, and I think that is making things difficult.  Her actions work well for the way I’ve set her up, but I think she needs just a little more extraversion to really bring the reader – and writer – into the story.  A little wit can go a long way, and the story’s lack of it so far has been notable.

Hopefully, I can figure out what the story needs to infuse that bit of life into it.  In the meantime, I have a catgirl of the week who has no colour on her to speak of yet and some ideas for marker pieces to do before the end of May.