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Hurricane Ridge September 25, 2008

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The final photo from Washington has been posted:

Yeah, there’s really no way to grasp this image except at full size, so do feel free to click the thumbnail and view close-up.  This photo was pieced together by hand in Photoshop out of five 16:9 pictures I took at the top of Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.  There’s really no other way to grasp the immensity of the views there.

A burst of inspiration yesterday brought together some disconnected ideas for a story long in the works – really, my third developed novel idea, after Eyes of a Dragon and The Fire Within – which means that I have another story that’s pretty much ready to write.  Need to outline the story arc so I at least have a vague idea of where it’s meant to go, and world-build.  It’s a shame that all my different fantasy novels have different methods when it comes to magic, so I can’t reuse worlds I’ve already spent the time to develop.

So, that story, working title Dreams to Tears, is ready to write, and after the development I did for TFW recently, I think that one’s about ready to rework/rewrite as well.  These are in addition to the still untitled, failed epic comic turned novel, the opening of which I have already written, and Halcyon, my NaNoWriMo project for this year, which has been pretty much ready to write for some time.  I may lament about not having enough time to write, but I hope I never run out of ideas.

I did finally finish up the last scene I began writing in Eyes about a month and a half ago, I just need to sit down and force myself to start writing and continue with it.  I’m currently in a lull as the main characters have split up, with one group having a lot going on and the other with hardly more than character development to fill the time and pages.  There’s certainly enough of that, what with recent story events, to be interesting, it’s just the starting that I stall on.  Once I get past this part, I should be fairly good through ’til the end of the story, though given that I still don’t have a clear world built, I’ll still have a bit more cleaning up to do.  Still, I’m optimistic.

No time to work on the story this weekend, sad to say, as we’ll be out yet again.  Jans and I are attending Phantasm, a small gaming convention in Peterborough, Ontario.  While it seems unlikely anyone reading this would be able or interested to go, if you happen in on the con, stop by the Classic Battletech table.  Jans and I will be the only ones running it.

Washington, part 5 September 23, 2008

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One last extra-special bonus picture to come.  Stay tuned!

Washington, part 4 September 20, 2008

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The series continues:

One more batch of three photos, then come back two nights later for an extra bonus picture.

Washington, part 3 September 18, 2008

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Next batch of photos from Washington is up:

Now, if you’ll allow me a moment of self-assurance, I took a lot of really good photos on the west coast.  When I first did a quick run through my pictures, looking for photos that really stood out as gallery-worthy, I ended up with about eighty, and that was being conservative.  Obviously, since I had a grand total of 48 gallery-worthy photos since I first got my own camera, I had to shrink that number down a bit for these gems I’ve been posting this week.

That doesn’t diminish the value of the ones that were cut for the final show, however.  So, to see the rest of the pictures that really stood out from the nearly 1,300 I took in Washington, feel free to visit my Photobucket album, where you will see more photos such as these:

Washington, part 2 September 16, 2008

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Second batch of photos from Washington:

Come back Thursday for the next three.

Back from one break and starting another September 16, 2008

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I’ve not been doing a very good job lately of juggling my free time, and simply haven’t been accomplishing much creatively since I started my new position at work.  So, in an effort to relieve that, aside from checking my e-mail, I’ve decided to stay offline every other night, so I can focus on working on art, writing, or whatever else.  Last night’s efforts weren’t wholly substantial, but it was a good start – and I must say, whichever year the next catgirl calendar gets done, I really like the new June.

I had actually uploaded the first of my pictures from Washington on Sunday, but entirely forgot to post them here:

I really couldn’t bear to bring my nearly 1,300 photos from the trip below fifteen – with a bonus picture to come at the end of the batch – so stay tuned for new photos every other night.